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Our Sauces

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce Image_edited.png

Friday nights for our family were hectic.  Returning home from our stand at the West Side Market past 7 p.m. and starring down another 4 a.m. wake-up call for an even longer day of work on Saturday, everyone was exhausted.  But dinner still needed cooked, the day’s take from the Market still needed counting, and preparations for the next day made.  Thankfully for us, Grandma always handled dinner. 


In what seemed like a whirlwind of tomatoes, garlic, onions, and basil, Grandma had a pot of sauce simmering on the stove ready to feed her hungry family. Though she called it “pasta sauce”, she used the sauce for just about everything; baked into strombolis, smothering chicken, stewing chard, and of course, poured over pasta. Friday nights weren’t so bad with Grandma’s pasta sauce on the menu.

Made with locally-grown tomatoes and basil, this versatile sauce is the perfect ingredient for solving your family’s own “hectic Friday nights.”

Sunday Sauce

Sunday Sauce Image.png

No one rolled meatballs like Grandma.  Every Sunday morning, she rolled dozens to cook in her sauce for that night's dinner.  Named for Grandma's hearty "Sunday Sauce", this sauce is slowly simmered with local grass-fed beef meatballs to give it the same rich, meaty flavor we enjoyed every Sunday with Grandma. 

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