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Our Story

Making Sauce Since 1912

-   ABOUT US  -


In 1912, Cleveland was the sixth largest city in the country, proudly adopting “The Sixth City” as its nickname. To feed its booming population, Cleveland constructed a massive public market at the corner of W. 25th street and Lorain Avenue. When the West Side Market first opened its doors on November 2, 1912, our family was there serving as one of the Market’s inaugural vendors.  For the next nearly century at the Market, our family fed generations of Clevelanders. Countless bonds were formed and friendships made. Cleveland became so much more than where we made our living, it became part of our family.

Sixth City Sauce Company was born from this legacy of family, community, and good food. We source our ingredients locally because we believe in supporting the community that has supported us for so long.  Using sustainably-raised meats, locally-grown produce, and non-GMO spices may be a bit more difficult, but like all Clevelanders, we never back down from a challenge.  So take this sauce and may it remind you of what’s important in this world: Family, Pasta, and Cleveland.

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